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My 3 is for the haircut and MVP service. I have recently moved to the area and I am searching for a regular haircut. I have 2 young boys to take for hair cuts as well. I have been to 3 different barbers in the area, 2 of which refuse to use scissors. My search for other barbers started because Sport Clips was a little too expensive for a kids cut. My first visit to Sport Clips concerned me because the place was a ghost town, it was obvious the stylists on duty were hanging out in the back. Ashley was my stylist and she was excellent! Apparently, she does not work there any more. I have not seen a regular hair stylist there yet. Sport Clips seems like a training ground for new stylists. Everytime I went back to the store I would look in the store front and there would be 2 to three people waiting with no stylists to be seen. I went for way too long without a haircut and felt Sport Clips was my only option. I tried online check in and it was unavailable. I tried to download the app and there is no Android app. I called to check in and the stylist referred me to online check in. When I told her it was not working, she referred to corporate. I was desperate, so I went anyway. The stylinst referred to online check in while cutting my hair and I stated that I tried that and it was unavailable. The stylist did a great job with my haircut. I was very happy with the cut. However, I have left barber shops because of the discussions between barbers and language/politics discussed. I will tolerate foul language/politics from time to time, however, the stylist working with me was approaching my limit. In the end, she gave me a good haircut and saw me very quickly. I will give this Sport Clips one more try. Not sure about my two young children After that, I might find a way to get my family's haircuts across the bridge.

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Chad R. | November 5, 2018 Overall Experience

" My 3 is for the haircut and MVP service. I have recently moved to the area and I am sea"